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Digital Billboard

Still Frame Displays

  • 7 Rapid City LED Displays: sizes needed are both 256x144 pixels (10’x18’) and 320x160 pixels (10’x22’) 
  • Gap LED Displays: 320x160 pixels (10’x22’) 
  • Highway 16 LED Displays: 464x128 pixels (10’x36’)
  • Best file type is JPEG (.jpg).
  • Keep colors in RGB
  • Resolution for these sizes can be low- building at a larger scale can be helpful. Please be sure to keep the ratio equal to the submittal size. 


Additional Information

  • Keep pure white backgrounds to less than 30% of the overall area.
  • Keep good contrast in colors.
  • Keep fonts large enough to be visible- small fonts can appear grainy and distorted.
  • Avoid washed out white looking images- they will not look appealing on the LED displays. 

For additional information contact
605-388-9424 or

Traditional Billboard

Building Artwork

Art needs to be created at a 1/10 scale at 300 dpi. Please do not add bleed. Examples of our popular sizes are below.

    14’x48’ (168”x576”) = 16.8”x57.6” Finished Artwork
    12’x32’ (144”x384”) = 14.4”x38.4” Finished Artwork
    10’6”x36’ (126”x432”) = 12.6”x43.2” Finished Artwork


File Formats

We accept .psd, .tif, .eps, and .pdf files. Traditional billboards use CMYK, and digital billboards use RGB. Make sure to flatten layers before exporting to desired file type. Files created in Microsoft programs (Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) are not accepted.


Photos & Logos

Photo images and logos need to be at 4” wide at 300 dpi. Try to send the best quality you can find- we cannot produce billboards from website images, business cards, or computer printouts.


Poster Production

No bleed on posters please. Keep all live material (logos, wording, etc.) at least 3/8” from all sides. Sizing for poster products below.

Eco-Poster 10’5”x22’8” (125”x272”) = 12.5”x27.2” Finished Artwork
Billboard Artwork Guidelines    Mobile Billboard Truck 10’6”x22’9” (126”x273”) = 12.6”x27.3” Finished Artwork


For additional information contact
605-388-9424 or


For more information about artwork specifications, non-profit advertising, and more please view our list of downloadable and print-friendly forms: