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Digital Billboard

Animated Display

First resolution is 256x144 (18’x10’). These displays can have animation. 

  • Presently, the optimal animation file type is an AVI.
  •  The 256x144 resolution is very small.  In order to create better animations you may create in larger resolution as long as the aspect ratio is exactly equal to 256x144.
  •  Absolutely no flashing of any kind.

Still Frame Display   (Hwy 16 - 464 x 128 & Omaha St - 256x144)

Still resolution is 464x128 (36’x10’) and 256x144.  These displays can only accommodate still frames. 

  •  The optimal file type is .JPG.
  •  Please build file at 2.56 inches wide by 1.44 inches tall at 100 dpi for the 256 x 144 and
  •  Build file at 4.64 inches wide x 1.28 inches tall at 100 dpi for the 464 x 128.

Additional Requirements

•    Keep pure white back grounds to less than 30% of the overall area.

•    Do not start or end with a black slide in the animation.

•    With the LED digital displays you want to keep good contrast in colors.  

•    Keep fonts large enough to be visible.  Small fonts may appear grainy and distorted.

•    Avoid washed out white looking images.  They will not look good on LED displays.

Please email Caitlin for questions about the artwork at

For additional information please contact:  Caitlin Gerdes, Epic Outdoor Advertising (605) 388-9424

Traditional Billboard

Files built for both the 10’6” x 36’ and the 14’ x 48’ can be designed at 3.50” tall x 12” wide at 300 dpi.

Any other files size can be built as 1” = 1’ at 300 dpi.

Please send as flattened  jpg file.



For more information about artwork specifications, non-profit advertising, and more please view our list of downloadable and print-friendly forms: