As a landowner, your primary objective is to maximize the value of your property. At Epic Outdoor Advertising we can help you maximize that effort by adding additional income and value to your existing property without disrupting your original plan for its use.

We can provide the knowledge and resources needed to make this a smooth, rewarding, and profitable business venture. We have helped many landowners -- just like you -- enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor advertising sign located on their property. It's a lot easier than you think, and we are ready to answer any questions you might have.

So, whether you're looking for additional income to cover current overhead expenses, property taxes, or an easy way to save for the future, consider an outdoor billboard with Epic Outdoor Advertising.



100% CASH FLOW. This additional income helps to offset current operating costs, increases your borrowing power, and increases the overall value of your property. All this while using minimal ground space, about the size of an average automobile tire, without ever disrupting the property's primary use.


Adds value to your property in the event of a sale or condemnation. In addition the displays are illuminated and provide additional nighttime security to your business or tenants. As well, it adds marketing exposure to your property by its large, colorful, and dynamic ads, which ultimately will draw more attention to your business.


We manage and oversee the entire project. This includes all applications and permits, variances, public hearings, and finally installation, as well as all the advertising sales. Because of our experience you can be assured that the process is safe, professional, and done right the first time.


One simple phone call is all it takes. First, we'll research your property making sure that it is eligible according to local, city, and state ordinances. Next, we will determine the advertising potential, based on size and location and present you with a very simple ground lease. Upon acceptance we apply for all the permits, hire the crews, and professionally install the sign. Once the final inspection is complete, we're in business. It's that easy .


  1. How much annual income could I receive?

    Annual revenues are determined on a site-by-site basis and depend on many of the following variables:

    • The size of advertising display.

    • The number of advertising display faces.

    • The visibility to the display faces.

    • The supply and demand of existing billboards and advertisers in the area.

  2. How much property would Epic Outdoor need to install the income producing advertising display?

    In most cases it's about the size of an average tire on a sport utility vehicle.

  3. How long is the lease agreement?

    Standard lease term is 20 years.

  4. Will the advertising conflict with my existing business / tenant use?

    No. We will not place any advertising that competes with your on-site use. The added benefit of having the advertising display on your property is the control of the competitive advertising. Epic Outdoor will gladly move the structure to an auxiliary position on the property to allow your primary use of the property to be maximized.

  5. How long does it take to install the advertising display?

    Generally speaking installation takes 120 days.

  6. Who pays for the electricity to run the lights?

    In most cases, Epic Outdoor pays the monthly fees directly to the power company. In addition, the added illumination to the advertising display is an added security benefit to the existing business.

  7. Who pays for insurance on the billboard?

    Epic Outdoor Advertising carries -- at it's own cost and expense -- adequate public liability insurance.

  8. Who handles the obtaining of permits and governmental approvals to construct the advertising display?

    Epic Outdoor handles the entire process from start to finish, including obtaining all necessary permits to erect the advertising display.

  9. Who is responsible for the taxes on the advertising display?

    Epic Outdoor is responsible for any taxes related to advertising.

  10. Who handles maintenance of the advertising display?

    Typically, there is very little maintenance involved; however, Epic Outdoor will keep the advertising display in good repair for the duration of the lease term.


For information regarding land leasing, please contact Brendan Casey


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