Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital marketing demands creativity.  The right advertisement will get the public’s attention and get your business noticed. You can run a permanent campaign or change it up with no hassle when you go digital.  Because your sign will be illuminated, it increases awareness and is an effective medium.

Epic has an amazing network of spectacular LED signs at high impact locations. These displays can modernize any ad campaign as several messages can be displayed making it interesting and informative for the viewer.

Let Epic Outdoor help you reach your target audience with a powerful outdoor campaign that will deliver results!


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The Benefits

NO PRODUCTION COSTS – Because ads are displayed electronically, you have no printing or shipping costs.

FLEXIBILITY – Digital Billboards give you the freedom to update your message weekly, daily, even hourly.

MULTIPLE MESSAGES – Unconstrained by production and space cost, you can display multiple messages.

DYNAMIC CONTENT – Digital billboards give the advertisers the advantage to deliver real-time information in your ads. Such as, weather, stock quote, interest rates and news headlines.